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Sep 15, 2010 12:00am PDT
director of the office of management and budget peter orszag. >> the fundamental problem is the economy is growing slowly and also we just went through a traumatic period. i mean total private sector borrowing went from plus-0% of the economy in 2007 to minus 15% of the economy in 2009. it is impossible to go through that kind of trauma and not have emotions that are raw and, you know, heightened emotions. >> charlie: peter orszag for the hour next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: peter orszag is here. he is as you know the former director of the office of management and budget. earlier this summer it... he became the first member of president obama's cabinet to announce his resignation. he played a key role in the stimulus bill and health care reform. he saw the budget deficit levels grow to its highest level since the second world war. he is a guest columnist for the "new york times". i am pleased to have him here to look back and to look forward. so welcome. >> good to be here. >> charlie: one of the big qu
Sep 19, 2010 12:30pm PDT
the tax cuts. >> do you think that peter orszag is a republican operative? >> i think he gave his view of the world. >> on the eve of a republican -- on the eve of an election, you think republican will give you tax hikes? not a chance. >> peter orszag got a lot of publicity and that helps. >> that does not address whether it is a good idea or not. >> if they do extend the tax cuts will make more than $250,000, that may help the economy. look at the jobs created last two years3. that did a great jobor us. >> president obama finds a way to hire a convert -- controversial consumer advocate. he is naming elizabeth warren to head up the consumer financial protection bureau. she also reports to secretary of the treasury tim geithner. why not just name her to head up the agency? >> because he can't get a consensus. the boats are not there for her to get voted in. they need to have somebody confirmed. whether she is an advisory role, but she will try to run a program. this is wrong. this is wrong from an administrative standpoint. she cannot do this as an adviser. you need an authority t
Sep 28, 2010 12:00pm EDT
the obama economic team. larry summers is leaving. budget director peter orszag is gone. council of economic advisers chair christina romer is gone. >> the work that they do is difficult. they have been at it two years. >> only treasury secretary tim geithner remains and he is under fire. >> the economic team on the way out. >> five weeks before midterm elections. people are predicting big losses for democrats. the timing could not be more crucial. >>> the cia is intensifying missile attacks against militants in pakistan. they have heard of a new plan to target the multiple countries including the u.k., france, and germany. if 20 drawn strikes have been launched by the c.eia in the pat months. -- drone attacks. >>> 20 insurgents have been killed in a day of hard fighting. u.s. soldiers are now controlling is they had never been to before. commanders have taken away the homemade bombs from the taliban. >>> former alaska senator ted stevens will be laid to rest this afternoon at arlington national cemetery. the 86-year olds died last month in a plane crash in a remote part of alaska.
Sep 18, 2010 6:00pm EDT
cuts. peter orszag was obama's own budget director. he wrote a piece in which he argued that to either keep them all or let them all go. he wants them all abolished in two years. speaking as an economist, what will help our economy the most? the tax cuts that affect the rich, so-called, a fact half of the small business in, in the united states. do you really want to make a hike on those taxes on the biggest engine of hiring in the country at a time of 10% unemployment? peter orszag says keep the now and abolish them in two years and he is right. >> in two years, they could be repealed. >> that is the hope. is that the economy will recover and more money will start coming in to the federal government in other ways and this issue will go away and the tax cuts [inaudible] >> in the year of the president's election -- [inaudible] >> two years this time, two years the next time. >> the republican majority, the article says that the republican majority is against tax cuts than i do you think that peter orszag is a republican operative? >> i think he said what he wanted to say. >> on the eve
Sep 11, 2010 6:00pm EDT
, government takeovers, and stimulus spending sprees. he's referring to peter orszag who wrote a piece in "the new york times" this week. for the next two years, keep tax rates i cludthing for the wealt exactly where they are right now. >> well, look, i think representative boehner's a little confused about what peter orszag was suggesting and threw in on that second bid, let's go back to the final bush budget of 2008. as if tt were the -- the gold standard that we wanted to return to when, in fact, that was the -- the final culmination policy that got us into this mess. >> well, wait -- i guess to be precise, peter orszag was not remmending the second part of wh john boehner was saying in the statement. only the first part. you have boehner andsz orszag agreeing -- keep tax rates where they are for two years. >> hold on. >> increase tax breaks in the time of economic crisis on anyone. >> look, wolf, the orszag was a political piece. take what you can get then an then in two years, make itt. permanent. ask representative boehner if he wans to make permanent for $700 billion the bush ta
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Sep 8, 2010 1:00am EDT
economic members of the team peter orszag and christina romer leave in the midst of what i don't think is a summer recovery it doesn't make me feel confident. >> in the last three, four weeks not just orszag, but a lot of democrats in congress are saying wait a minute, why are we talking a major tax increase on anybody -- >> greta: they've gone home and seen how unhappy their constituents are. then it is political. not because never a deep conviction that it is wrong. >> probably not. if you are a liberal democrat and you believe in this keynesian idea it makes no sense under it that you would raise taxes. there is no crusade to raise taxes on the rich even though it doesn't make sense. >> greta: no question when president obama came in he a horrible economy. the minute they did something so huge, with that 870, whatever it was billion dollar stimulus, at that point president obama owned the trend in the economy. >> no question. >> greta: if the trend has an upward then it is a smart thing. because they are going in the right direction. unemployment still at 9.6% i don't think -- i don
Sep 12, 2010 10:00am EDT
. peter orszag was until six wee ago one of the troika of the president's closest economic advisers. he stepped down at the end of july as the director of the office of management and budget. we welcome peter orszag for his first interview since leaving office. a "gps" exclusive. >> good to be here. >> let me ask you somet. you have serve in barack obama's administration. you're really the first truly high-ranking person. to leave. there is a mood in the country that thinks that he is a quasi-socialt who's trying to transform america, a line of his that he said it's going to spread the wealth around us, quoted endlessly. what do you rkthink, you know, working with him, what's his core economic philosophy? >> i don't know. i mean, i think some of the descriptions that arear out the are just completely off. the disjuncture between what's said and reality is probably wider than it's ever been, unfortunately. >> so who is -- >> president obama is not a socialist. >> who is he? t tell us more. fill if tn the details. >> look, there was pressure, for example, to nationalize banks. there s
Sep 12, 2010 1:00pm EDT
president obama's closesc economic advisers, peter orszag has left the white house. he talks about the economy, the stimulus plans, and what can be doneo get jobs flowing again. >>> finally, we have found a way to decisively beat the taliban. we'll let you know. >>> let's get started. >>> so nine years after 9/11, the bottom line question is, are we safer or aren't we? let's gin the coertion by talking about that. richard falkenrath w responsible for developing and coordinating homeland security strategy at the white house after 9/11. and he then ran the new york police department's massive anti-terror efforts. bob baer and reu marc gerecht are former cia operative officers. and both have written extensively on all these issues since then. falis ghergis is a professor of politics at the london school of economics. welcome to all of you. richard falkenrath, how would ? you answert thaquestion? are we safer than we were nine years ago when al qaeda attacked the united states? >> we here in the united states are much safer. al qaeda still exists, but it's been massively damaged through ni
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Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
director peter orszag this week as we mentioned yesterday wrote in the "new york times" calling for a two-year extension of those of all of the bush tax cuts saying it's important for the economy and that is getting cited by many republicans. let's bring in the panelist. steve hayes, writer for "weekly standard." erin billings, roll call and columnist charles krauthammer. steve, first about the policy announcements, proposal put forward in ohio by the president. >> the most important thing to take away from where we are today, president three months ago and the white house making the argument that the stimulus succeeded, that this was going to continue to be period of recovery. now you see them say in effect it hasn't succeeded. they're not acknowledging that openly of course. but acknowledging it by the policies. it hasn't succeeded and we have to put forward a plan, bit-by-bit plan adding up to $250 billion to do essentially the same thing we try to do the first time. that didn't work. virtually nobody believes that this will have any significant economic impact in the near term. some p
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Sep 7, 2010 10:00pm EDT
next. >> greta: battling with the boss, well ex-boss former white house budget director peter orszag just dropped an economic stink bomb on president obama in the form of an op-ed piece in the "new york times". orszag publicly breaking with the administration. orszag in the column published endorses extending the bush tax cuts for two years. then ending them in 2013. that is not what his now ex-boss president obama supports. president obama wants permanent, not temporary extension of the bush tax cuts for middle class. but wants the bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of america to expire at the end of the year. white house;h spokesperson robert gibbs is pushing back at orszag today saying president obama disagrees. tucker carlson, editor of the daily caller joins us. the plot thickens. good evening. >> great to see you. >> greta: isn't this fun in a political sense? he's heading out the door and he does this? >> this is a big deal. he was not some low level staffer. not a junior coffee bearer writing a tell-all this is the omb director. this is a big deal. >> greta: why? >> he's flatly con
Sep 10, 2010 8:30pm EDT
peter orszag wrote in "the new york times" this week. what he argued was for a two-year extension of all the tax cuts, not so much on policy grounds but just because that's basically what you can get through congress, he thinks, at this point. is there a compromise here? because the president was sounding pretty inflexible this week? >> i think that's a bargaining position and one aimed at getting the democratic base out. i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the outcome here is an agreement to extend the tax cuts for a couple of years. the orszag argument. >> all of them? >> all of them. the orszag argument was two years and then it's over. the president is not committed to raising taxes on people under $250,000. peter orszag thinks he's going to have to do that. >> it looks like he might have hardened a little bit today on. that both parties are trying to maneuver here to keep voters happy. but when you actually look at the polls and ask them, what is it the voters really want the government to do, what's the answer? >> i think we've shown that you can't do economic policy by po
Sep 24, 2010 8:30pm EDT
continuity. so we've already seen two people lve. peter orszag, the budget director, left in late summer and he's been replaced by jack lu who was budget director to bill clinton at a time when surpluses were building. and he was brought over from the state department where he had been hillary clinton's -- and still is until he gets confirmed by the senate -- deputy secretary of state. and then christie roemer of the chair of economic advisors, she left at the beginning of this month to go back to berkeley. and she's been replaced by austin goolsby who was one of the members of the council of economic advisors. so it's very much he's brought people from within his team. and brought them in. so it's not big change. he hasn't reached outside. there is one difference, though, in that you could say he had a team of wonks. these four principals. and both jack lu, for budget director, and austin goolsby, are more political veterans. and in will be important -- and this will be important because this will coincide with the president's re-election campaign. >> there were some pretty vigorous policy
Sep 24, 2010 8:00pm EDT
administration between some of those figures, peter orszag, christina romer and larry summers. do we have any sense of what we -- what remains unresolved in terms of policy changes, economic policy changes that are going to be facing, decisions that are going to have to be made now? >> they've been balancing from nearly the start of this administration. after they got out the big stimulus package, and the first 28 days of the administration, over time, and because things worked so slowly, that people still to this day think it was a failure, that the public has increasingly not wanted to support a lot of it. and with republicans voting in block anything that's additional stimulus. in the administration you had debates over thousand balance this, whether the economy -- over how to balance this, whether the economy needs stimulus, how much, and the need to look like in the medium term and down the line, you are aware that you have to start bringing down deficits. >> how would you rank or rate the administration on its economic policy? can you give it a rating this soon? or is it too early to sa
Sep 7, 2010 11:00am EDT
tax cuts. peter orszag is making his thoughts known. he says in the face of the deficit, the best approach is this compromise, extend the tax cuts for two years and end them all together. what are you hearing from the administration? might this change the president's tune? >> reporter: i'm hearing from the white house that they don't think this will affect the president's thinking. peter orszag, the former budget director of the white house is writing a piece for the "new york times" to make a compromise. they are not ready to do that yet. >> good to see you, ed. see you next hour. >>> meantime, on the road with cnn election express, the best political team on tv, stomping through ohio. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. yes it is. y
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Sep 11, 2010 4:00am EDT
resigned a few months ago, peter orszag arguing a long itplanation in an op-ed piece with tax cuts you either do all of them or none of them. he wants to abolish all of them which makes sense, because it would hel the deficit in the long run. however, he says, you don't want to do it now and there's a lot of consensus even among senior democrats, it'd beph catastrophic in a fragile recovery to have this huge increase in taxes. so, what orszag is arguing is yo u leave them all in place for two years and then you abolish them. which is a check argument of an economt. but, obama wants an issue. he wants a class war issue and he's got and he pretends that the tax cuts that the bush administration institut are that the cause of our check collapse, which is something that is reay not a credible argument and i don't think any serious economist believes it. >> bret: juan on the tax cut issue there are a number of democrats who come out and say they want a temporary extension, include senators nelson from nebraska, senator joe lieberman from connecticut and evan bayh indiana and senator from no
Sep 7, 2010 7:00pm EDT
election day, but if you pick up "the new york times," peter orszag, who just left the white house at a time when the president and democrats are saying we have to let the bush tax cuts expire for wealthy americans at the ends of the year because of the deficit, peter orszag says the best approach is a compromise. extend tax cuts for two years and end them all together. ideally, only middle-class tax cuts would be continued for now, but getting a deal in congress, though, may require keeping the high-income tax cuts too, and that would still be worth it. >> listen there, are no easy answers, john. and i want the people of ohio -- >> that's a no. >> no. i'm trying to speak the truth here. >> right. >> there are no easy answers and for snake oil salesmen to come along and make promises that can't be fulfilled and say we're going to do this, and it will solve all of our problems, that's simply not the way it is. >> you were in the house of representatives in 1994, you have got swept out. you have seen this movie before. >> i did. >> how is the sequel? what lessons are you taking and how ar
Sep 24, 2010 8:30pm PDT
the president's first two years in office. budget director, peter orszag was the first to leave in july. christina roma was next. the white house is also expecting rahm emanuel to leave the use to run for mayor of chicago. >> if rahm emanuel leaves, he will be the fourth of president obama's closest advisers to have left since july. question, after 20 months, is this presidential staff turnover normal? pat buchanan. >> this is not terribly unusual if you have a presidency in trouble. john, when you came into the white house, '71, john connolly came in, dave kennedy was out. nixon closed the goal window, let the dollar flow. he sent arthur burns to the federal reserve. they gunned the money supply to $23 billion deficits. that was enormously dramatic in terms of a change. this is nothinlike that. rahm is going out there because there's an opening for mayor's office and secondly, because he has been hammered and had a bad time. but i don't think this is extraordinarily unusual. i don't see any signs of panic here. >> a vietnam war on his hands. >> nixon, our election was disappointin
Sep 27, 2010 4:00am EDT
back to harvard. other members of the team peter orszag and christina romer are already gone. the senior adviser david axelrod will head home by spring. bill clinton changed chiefs of staff four times at different crisis points in his presidency. president george bush dumped donald rumsfeld from the pentagon after 2006 elections. all presidents have crisis points. president obama is in one leading up to the november elections, so the new team he builds will say a lot about the direction he wants to go in next year. bill plante, cbs news, the white house. >>> this morning on "the early show" a preview of the hottest toys for the holiday season. it's amazing we are already talking about the holiday season. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! no pills, no pain. how can you get pain relief without taking pills around the clock? try thermacare
Sep 25, 2010 6:00pm PDT
harvard. other members, peter orszag and christina roam rer already gone. david axelrod will be heading home to chicago by spring to work on the president's reelection. axelrod expects david plough, the president's campaign manager, will likely come to washington as an adviser. press secretary robert gibbses is autopsy likely to move to adviser status. we've seen this movie before. bill clinton changed chiefs of staff four times at different crisis points in his presidency. president george w. bush dumped donald rumedz felled from the pentagon after the 2006 elections. all presidents have crisis point. president obama is in one leading up to the november elections so the new team he builds will say a lot about the direction he wants to go next year. jeff. >> glor: bill plante at the white house. bill, thank you. in the race for the california state house, the latest poll shows former ebay chief met whitman in a 41-41 tie with state attorney jerry brown. not so close is the campaign spending race between the two. ben tracy tonight has the facts and figures. >> reporter: nobody ca
Sep 11, 2010 6:00am PDT
, peter orszag made his very first public statement in support of extending all of the bush tax cuts for everybody. so i find it very ironic and interesting that it doesn't matter. i find it fascinating that once again we are getting an acknowledgment that bush was right. >> is there any other reason why he left the white house? wasn't there a lady? >> christine romer left. >> they said they want to get off the sinking ship? >> certainly the sinking ship. >> you think so? >> the economic team has -- there has been some on the economic team who have been making specific arguments extending the bush tax cuts. trying to reign in the deficit and been ignored. >> will you straighten this out? >> this gets back to the original question. has president obama done enough this week to change the narrative? well he started. he has 50 days to go. if obama can get back into the kind of campaigning mode that we all remember from 2008, he can turn thisgot much to run on he doesn't talk about the healthcare achievement. he doesn't want to talk about his stimulous package, although it did alleviate s
Sep 11, 2010 1:30am EDT
conclusion. >> whether we are talking about rahm emanuel or peter orszag, [inaudible] the rights and in "the new york times" calling for an extension of the tax cuts that the rich has. >> this is something that the president can draw a line on. he does have a veto power. he can decide whether or not to extend the tax cuts for the rich for a year or something like that, or not. it seems to me the best thing to do would be to pull it back for those people who make less than $200,000, and will veto anything that does not help them. >> george stephanopoulos tried to nail him down on that question, but he said he would not necessarily veto. >> with a tough vote, you could pass the house, not to limit the tax cuts to those earning less than $250,000. but the house is not going to cast a single vote if the senate is not going to act. the president will have to say, if this is the issue, i will veto. he cannot give one interview and then walk away from the issue. >> the same problem with the healthcare bill. there are some democrats who are backing away from the idea. >> they have backed off. t
Sep 26, 2010 5:30am PDT
at the end of the year. this comes on the heels of peter orszag and christina romo. summers is regarded as being friendly to the business community and a voice of moderation in the administration's economic policies. the markets got off to a rip-roaring start on monday, up about 150 points on the dow, but then broke a five-day winning streak on wednesday, and fell again on thursday. the markets rebounded big on friday. even though it may not feel lying it. >> america's great recession is officially over. the national bureau of economic research, a group which monitors business cycles says the recession ended in june of 2009. it began in december of '07 and was the longest of any recession since world war ii. >>> the federal reserve ended a one-day meeting and kept interest rates at near zero. in its statement, the feds said that the pace of economic recovery is likely to be modest in the near term, and did not take any additional steps to stimulate the economy. but the fed said it was prepared to do so if conditions weakened further. >>> well, the great news is the great recess
Sep 22, 2010 7:00am EDT
third member of the economic team to go in a matter of months. the budget director, peter orszag, stepped down in july. christina romer went earlier this month. the highest profile remaining member of the team is treasury secretary geithner. some are asking if he will be the fall guy. >> joining me now is our economics editor. why do you think larry summers is gone? >> many people thought he would go by the end of this year. if he did not, he would have to reapply for his place as a professor at harvard. there's the much desired tenure at harvard. it seems clear that he did ask the president if he could leave one year ago. he did originally planned to stay one year. he was persuaded to stay one more year. >> was he being listened to in the white house? there was this debate over policy. sometimes he felt left out. >> he's a man of very strong opinions. if he is up against a lot of people, sometimes he will lose arguments. i'm sure he would have expected to have lost some battles. he was a driving intellectual force. people knew they have to take him on in getting their views through to th
Sep 25, 2010 5:00am EDT
director peter orszag's wedding. the paper reports that valerie jarrett and david axelrod made last-minute cancellations apparently because of a "new york times" column that orszag wrote this month. the president's official position. orszag's wedding is set tomorrow in manhattan. i think that this stuff has a lot more to do with something that isn't about that column and may have to do with how they work together in the white house. now for tonight's big number. it started with lisa murkowski up in alaska. and now delaware's mike castle's is reportedly conducting polls to see how he would do as a write-in candidate. well, they face long odds. been just one senator that's been elected as a write-in. how long ago was it, 1954. the candidate, longtime south carolina senator, strom thermond. 56 years since the last and only successful write-in senate campaign. 1954. >>> that's "hardball" for now. up next, "your business." r. r. who's your somebody? eating campbell's healthy request can help. 25 delicious soups with low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. be
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 184 (some duplicates have been removed)